eWorkspace Referral Program

Send an email to your Employer / HR / Admin / Manager) of the company introducing eWorkspace, with a copy to business@molgain.com.Our team will take on from there and coordinate with the company. If the company signs up with us, you will get your referral reward. Just to make sure, we are able to follow up, drop us an email at business@molgain.com with your and the HR / Admin manager's details (Name, email, contact no., company name) It can be your company or any other company you think can benefit from eWorkspace.

Sample Email

To: CC: business@molgain.com
Sub: Introducing eWorkspace
Hi , As you know, we have already been working remotely for more than an year now. During this time, I've found that my focus and productivity have improved without the daily office distractions. Would it be possible for us to continue working from home full-time? Also, I have came across a wonderful platform called - 'eWorkspace' which is helping organisations to bring the same office culture remotely. Here is the link - www.eworkspace.live .What do you think? Thank you so much for your time and consideration.
Best Regards,