Most facilitated Virtual Office Platform

Enabling coworkers to work together sitting anywhere around the world!

Setup your eWorkspace to manage workforce & operation seamlessly from anywhere. Increases employees productivity by 10-20% while reducing office infra costs by 30-80%.

Simulating Office Experience - wherever you go

The virtual offices at eWorkspace are fully furnished with everything

Dedicated Seats & Cabins,Conference Rooms,Live Availbility,One Click Talk ,To do list
Virtual Office Platform

Dedicated Seats & Cabins

Interactive team floor page with dedicated seats and cabin replicates the physical office experience

  • Virtual seats for employees to sit just like in office
  • Open floor for employees to sit together with collegues
  • Manager cabin for Manager to sit separately
  • Conference room for team to have meetings together

Live Availability & Attendance

Green,Orange & Red circles on profile represents available, unavailable/away and oncall status respectively. Daily attendance & active hours record of employees is maintained

  • Employee Check - In/Out records daily attendance
  • Late check-In triggers instant notification to managers
  • Daily availble hours on seat records active hours of the day
  • Employees can apply leave through the panel
Virtual Office Software
Work From Home Solution

One Click Talk

Seamless Interaction through Instant video/audio call without sharing any meeting links or invitations.

  • Instant Audio/Video collaboration by just a click
  • Face to Face meeting alike physical office space
  • Features like screen share, group chats, raise hand
  • Meetings can be recorded & saved on cloud for records

Task with Timeline

Assign task with a timeline to ensure its completion on time.

  • Click on any employee profile to check his/her current task
  • Track the status of your assigned work & add new work
  • Month/quaterly/annually assigned Task report
  • See overall team performance & export in csv format
Virtual Office Solution
Virtual Workplace

Virtual Auditorium

An online page to host your virtual event with unlimited participants

  • Host Annual Events for Employees
  • Host townhall meeting for all your employess
  • Host training or seminar for team
  • Host office party's on Holi/Diwali etc

Setup your eWorkspace in 3 simple steps


Set up your account


Add your Team


Login to your office

See how it’ll help your organisation

Remote Office Softwares

For a startup company

By now, it’s becoming clear that the economic disruption caused by COVID-19 is unlikely to vanish anytime soon. For a startup it is important to reduce their OPEX which majorly includes office infra cost. Adopting the new normal - eWorkspace would not only save huge OPEX but cutivates better work life balance and productivity.

  • Simulated physical office experience on eWorkspace
  • Office timings & punch-in/out for attendance
  • Instant Video/Audio call for better co-ordination

For a tech company

For tech company we know how hard is to find a good resource, creating office on eWorkspace will open an option to hire resource from any location :

  • Onboard new employee from any location
  • Manage remote employees attendance, task, leave etc
  • Open to hire employees who’s not willing to relocate

Monitor your outsourced team

For companies we know how challenging to get thier outsourced project deliverd on time, bring your outsourced team on eWorkspace and get your project delivered on time :

  • Check their attendence, check in/out time, total screen time & availability
  • Seamless Audio/Video communication with team
  • Check to-do list of all outsourced team

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